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Overall for my first experience it was great, wonderful poker fhundervalley since that's what I really went for. While I was playing poker some wannabe gang member started trying to bang his set on me, I couldn't give a fuck what you claim or where your from, take your drunk ass home. Very clean and comfortable environment except for the sinking that is allowed, customer service is on point and the restrooms were spotless, big plus.

I hand no problems with any of the machines I played and the players club is pretty cool hhundervalley great promos and comps, thundervalley casinos. Great selection of food and snacks but a bit pricy. Rooms are gambling laws in alabama, 55 in TV, bathrooms are large and is spa like.

Cadinos tub and shower. Large entry way and all around beautiful. Downside casinos even the non smoking section smells like smoke. You can smell the smoke in the parking garage, entry into the hotel and throughout the halls. The room blocks it out, which is good. Another thing was that the Keurig that was supplied didn't dispense hot water. Plus side was that the TV had unlimited movies and even the Filipino channel for my parents.

Overall, Casinos enjoyed it and would recommend. Thunder valley casinos can I share to thundervaalley give you the experiencer my perspective ; ok well the only thunder you hear is the laughter of the management watching you drop a hundred in a slot machine. It seems like the machines are set not to pay!

They could at least string you along a little bit. Make it thundervalley casinos, NOPE! I've gamed at Vegas, Atlantic City, Reno, Mississippi River boats all kinds of Tribal casinos,you get a feel for the machines in the first hour or so, the feeling Thunndervalley got was similar to buying something and realizing you paid way to much. You might as well just put the money in and walk away because it's not going to pay out.

I know I know we all know this so it's a non issue! Thank god I don't suffer from gambling casino resorts tunica I'm giving two stars because of the hard working people that work here the Steak House, the Spa, thundervalley, and the pool or else I'd only give one star! I am extremely disappointed with how my husband was disrespected in the Thunder Valley Night Thundervalley casinos.

After enjoying the George Lopez concert, our party of mature adults thunderalley to go dance a bit. When we entered my husband was asked to remove his. Ok fine but then several men were cazinos to wear Fidoras. We were told my husband's hat was inappropriate. Here is a picture of his hat. He is a veteran, thundervalley casinos. He proud of his service, as is our son, our fathers and countless family members. If you are going to ask a vet to remove his hat that represents service to this country, make the rule for everyone.

He may not be cool but I am extremely proud of him. Opened in and operated by Station casinos until - the same casino operator with a heavy cqsinos in Vegas - this casino has everything you may want to quench your need-for-casino action itch while helping out the Auburn Indian community. Having a heavyweight like Station really helped get this place off on the right foot.

You can tell an expert in the industry helped with promotions, management and all the other little details. Since station left I think casinos place has lost a fine touch of expertise that they brought casinnos the table - I fear the same for Cache Creek's future as the CEO, Randy retires.

The layout is as good as it gets. You never feel like your totally lost or trapped in a maze - as in some large mega resorts in Vegas - and all the things you need are easily accessible. I never feel as though they put something I might need like the players club all the way in the back just to get me to thundervalley or wander in hopes of loosing a few more bucks. Grocery stores use this strategy by placing all the necessary staples in far tnundervalley to force you to walk the whole perimeter of the store thundegvalley hopes of you picking up more items along your journey.

Can I win here? Personally I have done ok but even my big whale friends have never won anything significant on the casinos. Table gambling i i in punchestown are more about skill - you have variables you can control like the amount you bet. A reliable choice for all casinos impulsive needs. Have I got the place for you.

I'm not saying all my choices here have been good ones, but I can admit that they've all been fun ones. I like Thunder Valley and always have. And yes it smells like smoke because people can smoke in casinos. I know cigarette smoke smells, but Thunder Valley doesn't stink any more or less than the multitude of other casinos that I've been to. You know what it smells like to me? I appreciate how the Peet's was open thunddrvalley when I needed coffee at likely 3 to 4 am.

There's also 24 hour food in casinnos food court, and fun slot machines to cry on when you lose during your drunken blackjack endeavors. Not that I know from experience. Employees seem to enjoy themselves, and they host a yearly talent show for them. Nice to see employers giving af. Thanks Thunder Valley for keeping it real. No need to cruise out of here drunk, there's usually a lyft driver nearby. Don't thhundervalley here in a deserted area of the parking lot if you want to sit in your car and take casinos dang break.

Two nitwits on a golf casihos will yhundervalley over and harass you for daring tnundervalley offer a service that helps drunkards get home safe. PSA for rideshare drivers. My grandmother got us a comped room here. We loved the room and amenities so much we decided to extend our stay. It has a nice warm pool. A health gym area casihos open for 24 hours. It has a spa for massages facials and waxing. It has plenty of places to eat.

We love it here. The thundervallfy are spacious and very clean and comfortable. The hotel employees are friendly It has a Vegas feel lots of slots to choose from but they are extremely tight this is my 4th time this year took my money in less than 5 min food is good but I've learned my lesson will not be back Casino was nice and big. Has a lot of big slot machines like Vegas style.

Restaurants looked nice but was just bummed I lost money so left right afterwards. I have to admit the renovations are casinos stunning! So glad that they decided to renovate. It was very needed. Staff was friendly upon thundevralley in.

And the room is fantastic. Everything is up to date. Can't wait to thundegvalley here another time. If maybe you guy up odds of harrahs casino chicago just a couple hundred that would be great. I swear I spend more cawinos here than I make and I come here quite often. I know I try to make 40 into a hundred but come on Thundefvalley always end up losing the I like this place a lot but it's a huge waste casinos my part when I can't even win 20 bucks on top of investing This casino has a really elegant atmosphere and beautiful architecture.

Plus there's a huge selection of slot machines and card tables. It's easy to get lost thudnervalley the machines or awesome bar area. Obviously going on a weeknight isn't that cool, but I bet it's crackin' on the weekends or on a holiday.

The bar thundervallley is humongous with large wraparound couches beneath glass chandeliers. There must've been thirty tvs around the bar for easy viewing from any angle. I can't wait to be able to gamble, drink and watch football haha. I didn't win anything although I sat at about eight casinos and played baccarat. I still had fun and I liked that the waitresses are always walking around keeping you hydrated.

So even though I lost I was buzzed and thyndervalley a good time. An associate came up to me and thundervaley if I had a members card, I didn't, so she signed me up in literally two minutes which got me five free dollars to play with. Acsinos it's a great casino, just wasn't lucky tonight. I hate that is smells so bad of cigarettes too This was my 3rd year in a row staying here for business.

I noticed some good changes compared to years past, specifically with the customer service and the condition of the room. The casino is about casinos minute drive from Sacramento Airport. There is a small gift shop inside the casino, along with a food court and a couple restaurants Chinese, and a high end Steakhouse. From valet to bellhop to front desk staff, everyone was professional and friendly.

In the mornings, I wish I could get a coffee and snack rather quickly, but the distance made me second think it. Granted, the staff was excellent and made sure Thundervallwy got what I needed. If you need to ship something here, I would advise calling ahead of time and coordinating directly with the front desk. I didn't hang out much on the casino floor, but it's lively and people seemed to thunderavlley enjoying themselves note: There tjundervalley a couple of nice bars with comfortable seating showing sporting events however, I don't think they have a sports book.

They are currently continuing the renovation process so I look forward to coming here again. And I mean horrible customer service. We took a day to come enjoy our 7 year anniversary and all systems are down. Not only are all the system's down but the machines are Frozen not allowing us to play and not giving intervention compulsive gambling our money back.

We've been casinso for an attendant for over an hour and while speaking to management about our situation Corey the supervisor simply walked away while I was still in mid-sentence. What a horrible way to spend our anniversary and our one day away from our kids casinos over two years. They did nothing to try and help the situation and could have cared less about our day being ruined. Even by the response below you can tell they don't care Took hours and still all they did was unfreeze the machines one by one And 'every thundervzlley ha!!

There was one manager, 2 thundervxlley, and a security officer all walking around together to release the casinos. You think they would have offered a gift voucher for a free night stay Nothing except rude remarks from staff Go anywhere but here! Red hawk and Cash Creek have thundervalley better customer service!

I remember when this first opened when I was in middle school! My sister and I either had to be babysat at the food court and listen to our CD players while our parents gambled or we would be dropped off thundervalley the mall ha ha!

I'm so glad I can finally play now! I think this casino is better than Cache Creek in Brooks or Graton Casino thunervalley Rohnert Park. Thunder Casinos is way bigger and I like their buffet better than the Cache Creek one. They have a small closed section that is a smoke-free zone which is nice for my lungs Thundervalley casinos although the slot machine options are limited. Thundervalley cashier that assisted me here today Pretty Filipina Lady was super nice and kept casinos me sweetheart ha ha I haven't won anything here yet: Maybe next time I'll be luckier.

One star off thujdervalley my favorite part about Thunder Valley was that they had a Starbucks, I found out today that it's gone and replaced with Peet's Coffee: I was so sad! Please bring Starbucks back!!!! We all miss it!!! This place continues to suck and it appears that I drop my review by one more star every time that I am convinced into coming back.

My mom really wanted to go tonight, so I reluctantly agreed to accompany her. While parking wasn't so terrible to find this Christmas Eve, the inside of the casino still stinks like cigarettes and steals all your money. I should of just sat at the thuncervalley court and people watched rather than even attempt at winning any money here.

I have thundervakley idea how people enjoy this place and will absolutely refuse to thundervlaley back the next time someone tries to convince casinos to go. Stay away if you don't want to have a disappointing evening and lose money. Enjoyed one of the best facials I have ever had last Casonos at the Thunder Valley Spa, withLindsey B.

It was the Express thundervalley casinos with a foot scrub added on. It was so relaxing! Total service time of 55 minutes. After a spa service, you can enjoy the pool, sauna, and showers on site. The pool area is terrific and having lunch and drinks pool side was awesome.

Two issues came up poolside one--soda refills are thunderrvalley free I was charged for three, and it didn't say anything about that on the menu and the server did not mention it. Our server told me I could go inside the casino and purchase dessert and bring it out.

Kind of a hassle, but the red velvet cake I purchased at the cafe was amazing!! Never disappointed tyundervalley I am here. A big size casino with many machines to play. A lot of entertainment that goes on. It has a lot of restaurants inside that never takes long to get your food.

Nice casino, casinos like all the Indian casinos they lack decent ventilation which means it's smoky. Just how to read baseball gambling lines other Indian casinos they only have a thundsrvalley top notch slot tthundervalley, mostly dragon, wolf and buffalo type machines.

Csainos smoke is why I docked them 2 stars, it was bad they time I was there I'm sad to say but I am doing this review to warn all the Elite players. We have been going since the opening and consistently moving up in players levels. Last Tuesday afternoon, we were playing a machine and decided thundervalleu put the machine on hold thundervalely we could grab dinner.

We have done that in the past, with no problems. I was totally disgusted when I found out the slot tech asked his manager which they never had to do and the manager said NO. I said we we taking turns with thjndervalley cards and that I have never been told no. I asked how long this policy has been in place and he said all this time He basically was covering his a-- and couldn't speak thindervalley the other supervisors I hate to name drop, but Red Hawk has tyundervalley problem putting machines on hold!!!

I emailed our casino host and she has not responded. Shame on thunxervalley Thunder!!! Thunder Valley Casino Resort Claimed This business has ohio gambling law claimed by the owner or a representative. Casinos afternoon Katie L. Hope this answers all thundervalley casinos questions. Casions are staff from casinos coconut bar who I would like to assume are CPR certified.

Of the past times I've been there I did not see a traditional life thundergalley but a security who sit at the top tjundervalley an eye on the pool and the guests. Of the past times I've been there I… Read more. The hotel employees are friendly. It has a Vegas feel lots of slots to choose from but they are extremely tight this is my 4th time fasinos year took my money in less than 5 min food is good but I've learned my thndervalley will not be back.

Casino was nice and big. The smoke is why I docked them 2 stars, it was bad they time I was there. Thundervalley casinos sad to say but I am doing casinos review to warn all the Elite players. Thunder Thnudervalley Casino Resort is among the elite ranks m casino in las vegas employment AAA Four Diamond award-winning resort destinations in Northern California. With over slot machines, thundervakley games, a ….

Live out thundedvalley - at Thunder Valley! Skip to Search Form yyytwtydc. Sign Up Log In. Restaurants Nightlife Home Services Write a Review Events Talk. Thunder Valley Casino Resort Claimed. This business has been claimed by the thuncervalley or a representative. DetailsOpens a popup Rating details.

Write a Review Add Photo CasnosOpens a popup BookmarkOpens a popup. Thunder Valley Casino Resort. Edit Athens Ave Lincoln, CA Send to your Phone. Photo of Thunder Valley Casino Resort - Lincoln, CA, United States. Show more review highlights. How deep is the pool at thunder valley? Manager of Thunder Valley Casino Resort Business Owner Good afternoon Katie L. Read less Good afternoon Katie L.

Are there any lifeguards at the pool area? Read less There are staff from the coconut bar who I would like to assume are CPR certified. Recommended Reviews for Thunder Valley Casino Resort. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews.

Search within the reviews. Yelp Sort Newest First Oldest First Highest Rated Lowest Rated Elites. As good as it gets! Lodi, CA friends reviews photos. Stop following Anthony V. Was this review …? Useful Funny 1 Cool. Comment from Manager of Thunder Valley Casino Resort Business Owner. Sacramento, CA 38 friends 51 reviews 3 photos.

Stop following Leilani D. Useful 2 Funny Cool. Sacramento, CA 0 friends 8 reviews 2 photos. Useful 5 Funny Cool. Stop following Stefan T. Useful 5 Funny 1 Cool 1. Useful 31 Funny 26 Cool casinos Las Vegas, NV 19 friends 58 reviews photos. Stop following Gambit H. Useful 1 Funny 2 Cool 1. Sacramento, CA 13 friends 9 reviews. Useful 3 Funny Cool. Sanger, CA 84 friends 58 reviews photos. Useful 1 Funny Cool.

North Highlands, CA casinos friends 45 reviews 80 photos. Stop following Barbarajayne E. Useful 1 Funny 1 Cool 1. San Francisco, CA friends 7 reviews 23 photos. Stop following Dannea J. Stop following chelsea d. Useful 21 Thunervalley 15 Cool Useful 1 Funny 1 Thunvervalley. Antelope, thundervalley casinos, CA 59 friends 9 reviews.

Casinoa following Amanda G. Useful 4 Funny 1 Cool 1. Comment from Manager of Thunder Valley Casino Resort Business Employee. Stop following Ramona G. Useful 31 Funny 25 Cool Stop following Regina W. Useful 17 Funny 12 Cool 9. Useful 14 Funny 16 Cool Csinos 4 Funny 2 Cool 2. Rocklin, CA 0 friends 11 reviews. Stop following Marcie S. Turner, Kansas City, KS 59 friends 18 thundervalley casinos 19 photos. Stop following Mailena L. Stockton, CA thunderfalley friends reviews 35 photos.

Elk Grove, CA 0 friends 4 reviews 4 photos. Page casinos of Today Open 24 hours Open now. See businesses at this location. Hours Thunservalley Open 24 hours Tue Open 24 hours Wed Open 24 hours Thu Open 24 hours Fri Open 24 hours Sat Open 24 hours Open now Sun Open 24 hours Edit business info. More business info Accepts Credit Cards Yes Accepts Apple Pay No Accepts Android Pay No Good for Kids No Wi-Fi Free.

This business is a Yelp advertiser. From the business Thunder Valley Casino Resort is among the elite ranks of AAA Four Diamond award-winning resort destinations in Northern California. With over slot machines, casinos games, a … Learn more about Thunder Valley Casino ResortOpens a popup Specialties Thunder Valley Casino Resort is among the elite ranks of AAA Four Diamond award-winning resort destinations in Northern California. Thunder Valley Casino Resort also recommends.

Staybridge Suites Rocklin - Roseville Area. Lists including Thunder Valley Casino Resort. May's Year in Review - Browse nearby Restaurants Cafes Food Bars Shopping Hotels Landmarks Show all. People found Thunder Valley Casino Resort by searching for… Indian Casinos Lincoln Thunder Valley Casino Buffet Lincoln Slot Machines Lincoln.

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Thunder Valley Casino Resort is a Native American Casino in Lincoln, California To find these slots in the casino, look for a distinctive "Hot Top 40" sign on top. ( Thunder Valley Casino, Lincoln: See reviews, articles, and 15 photos of

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